Humber Bridge Hanger Testing

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Hanger Replacement & Testing

Spencer Group are experienced in suspension bridge hanger replacement & testing. Carrying out destructive testing on highly stressed hanger cables provides bridge owners with a unique insight into the condition of their hangers, allowing for a more sustainable maintenance strategy to be implemented.

The process involves initial scheme development, surveys of the existing bridge, design & fabrication of bespoke new hangers and unique access solutions, hanger replacement and subsequent destructive testing. Fatigue testing and ultimate tensile strength testing of the hangers and individual wire strands allows a better understanding of the hangers predicted performance. Carrying out full scale testing of the hanger assembly, including connection sockets and pins allows a more representative testing regime to take place.

Investigations into the current condition of existing hangers are necessary to establish the life expectancy of these structural elements. This allows us to work collaboratively with our clients to determine the current life-span of the existing hanger cables, and predict when intervention would be necessary. Our innovative temporary access solutions allows us to remove and replace the hangers with minimal disruption to bridge users and often bypasses the need for any day-time lane closures.