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Commercial Buildings

Buildings of a commercial nature are usually of a simple and efficient design with added varying degrees of specification in the building envelope and internal fit out works‭. ‬As the specification of commercial buildings can be subject to corporate identity or Client company image‭, ‬the benefits for added value are limited to the structural frame and foundation elements‭. ‬At the Spencer Group we excel in identifying and delivering innovative value engineering solutions which have minimal or no impact of the building material specification‭. ‬

‭ ‬Thanks to a collaborative approach with our Clients‭, ‬their representatives and the design team‭, ‬we work hard to establish the requirements of an individual project and protect the building specification and materials that are important to‭ ‬our Client‭. ‬

Commercial buildings have a variety of end uses ranging from simple offices to more complex control centres with integrated and‭ ‬specialised M&E installations‭. ‬At the Spencer Group‭, ‬we have an in-house M&E design capability which can offer a range of services from reviewing consultant designed installations to identify value engineering potential‭, ‬to providing bespoke full M&E designs‭. ‬We see this as a unique attribute to the Spencer Group which can provide true value in terms of capital expenditure and the‭ ‬running cost of our Clients buildings‭.‬