Ipswich Chord Bridge 404

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Spencer Group are industry leaders in the design and delivery of bridge projects. We have been applying that skill to the rail industry for more than 20 years; undertaking renewal, refurbishment and new build projects with our in-house team of designers and project managers. We specialise in deploying innovative engineering solutions to solve problems other can’t and have extensive experience of working at height and with confined spaces, as well as on restrictive possessions and heritage projects.

Bridges are one of our founding disciplines and we work with our clients to deploy the latest designs and technology. Our multidisciplinary approach really comes into its own when we’re solving problems. Thanks to our expertise in rail, we can ensure that every element of a bridge project is optimised to work alongside an operating rail environment, from the track to the OHLE. No challenge is too much and our design team thrive on overcoming obstacles – from physical restrictions to time.

The solution to every challenge we face starts with innovative engineering and our design team will work in pioneering ways to ensure that every element of a project is delivered to specifications.

Our in-house teams can deliver the whole project, from concept to completion and our biggest successes are when our design work is married to our planning work, enabling us to work within the tightest time and budget restrictions with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

"My sincere thanks for the excellent performance put in by the Ipswich team over the Christmas period. They really have performed excellently and your performance has also been noted by the Route Managing Director."

Andy Duffin - Route Delivery Director, IP Anglia

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