Engineering social change

Giving something back to the communities in which we work is a top priority. Our sustainability policy outlines our strategic approach to sustainable development in our procurement and supply chain decision making whilst minimising our carbon footprint and overall waste on all projects. It covers four key areas:

Engaging with our community

We leave a lasting positive impact on communities in which we work through communicating with local residents, engaging with local school and colleges, seeking charitable projects and providing employment opportunities.

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Building Relationships

We pioneer innovative sustainable ideas and utilise the ideas of our supply chain to improve the marketplace as a whole, whilst delivering value for money for our clients and having a wider impact on society.

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We aim to recruit and develop talented employees to improve both their skills as individuals and the wider talentpool across the industry. We motivate our staff and inspire them to be the best.

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We minimise our impact on the environment by reducing waste and practicing sustainable procurement. We always aim to enhance the natural environment in which we workto create lasting positive impacts.

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