Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths build the world around us. We’re nurturing future talent to ensure they thrive.


Building a future through STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths are the skills that build the world around us. Without them, nothing that we use at home, at work or in our free time would exist. STEM experts are working every day to improve our lives and our environment, and the future of our society depends on making sure the next generation of STEM workers is ready to take up that mantle when it is their turn to lead.

There is no one quality that makes a young person right for STEM, and our depth of diversity is our strength, but anyone with an inventive attitude, an inquisitive nature, and a desire to make things better is off to a good start. At Spencer Group, we are passionate about fostering those qualities wherever we find them – in our graduates, in our apprentices and in everyone who joins the business – through hands on training and experience on ground-breaking projects.

STEM has a bright future ahead of it in the UK as advances in technology make the latest research and opportunities easier and cheaper to grasp than ever before, but we have plenty of work to do if we are to take full advantage of this chance to lead the world. Tens of thousands of new STEM workers are needed every year to meet the demand, and a greater diversity of skills than ever before will be required to fill these roles.

Spencer believes wholeheartedly in the need to make STEM more accessible and appealing to the next generation of young people as they prepare to enter the workplace. Our support of exciting new projects like the Ron Dearing University Technical College, and our sought-after apprenticeship and graduate schemes are just a few of the ways that we are helping to ensure that no amount of STEM ambition goes unfulfilled in those with the talent.

Forget what you think you know about a career in STEM, because our start-to-finish approach to our work means that we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we do, innovating in existing roles and inventing completely new ones as we go. Wherever your skills lie, you can be an asset to STEM and Spencer: Whether it’s building a project, designing a new project, winning that next project or selling our success, there’s always a place for ability.

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