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Biomass Handling and Storage

Having worked on the latest generation of biomass handling and storage facilities in the UK, Spencer Group have world-leading expertise in every aspect of their delivery – from planning and design to construction and commissioning. We have been at the cutting edge of this emerging market, pioneering new and uncharted technologies and techniques to ensure performance and safety come first. We are perfectly placed to rise to the challenge of any new project, with an in-house design team used to the demands of projects where ordinary won’t do and we aren’t fazed by scale or complexity.

Whether it’s constructing silos through pioneering slipform techniques, designing and delivering bespoke bulk transport conveyors or modifying port facilities to make them fit for purpose, Spencer have a depth of knowledge in mechanical, civil, electrical and marine engineering to rise to any task. Our credentials extend beyond engineering and into the complex logistics of delivering the necessary port and rail connections that are essential links in the supply chain. With over 20 years’ experience in marine and rail engineering, we have the depth of experience in these sectors to meet all logistical needs.

Scale isn’t a problem. Large or small, our innovative approach to planning and executing projects allows us to deliver on the largest or most exacting requirements. We understand the quality and safety issues with the handling and storage of biomass and have a proven history of delivering the highest quality monitoring and recording systems to ensure safety is the highest priority at all times.

"The market for materials handling continues to expand, with the UK’s largest coal fired power stations converting to Biomass, this has generated significant works in re-modelling the infrastructure to handle these materials from the Ports, through the railways to the power station. The quarrying sector is also investing more than ever as it looks to develop more effective material handling conveying systems to improve efficiency."

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