The world's largest retro-fit bridge dehumidification project - Great Belt Bridge, Denmark.

How we work with you


Innovation is the word we live by – it guides our decision making in everything we do, and it shapes how we approach every project we work on. In nearly 30 years of work we have never built the same project twice – we know that every site is unique, and that the ordinary won’t do when it comes to delivering truly great engineering. We come to every project with a blank slate, that means we don’t bring any assumptions to the table, and all of our clients get a truly bespoke approach to solving their problems.

Innovation isn’t a stage in the project, and it’s not the job of any one department; whether it’s our in-house design team, our industry-leading planners, our teams of engineers from every discipline or our project managers – they all treat innovation as the standard in everything they do: Coming up with extraordinary solutions to everyday problems that deliver real value to a project.

We love a challenge here at Spencer, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the kinds of projects that others can’t. Our method is simple: A design-to-delivery approach that sees every stage in constant collaboration throughout a project so that nothing is missed, and every discipline has the opportunity to bring new and creative ideas to the table. We believe any problem can be solved by creative engineering, and we achieve this by bringing together a unique combination of sector-leading engineers from disciplines as diverse as rail, marine, materials and mechanical, and working together to deliver the most complex projects.

But innovation isn’t always a sprint, sometimes it’s a marathon, and that’s where our expert planners and project managers deliver their value. From restricted possession to budget, they are constantly finding novel ways to deliver our clients’ needs with cost and buildability front of mind – whether that’s an ambitious engineering or logistical solution. We’re experts in value engineering, achieving more with less, and we’ll work through the entire length of a project to constantly ensure that we’re doing right by our client.

At Spencer, we’re able to bring a unique combination of industry knowledge and experience together to achieve wonders on any scale – from genuine world firsts that change the way the industry works, to small-scale success stories that make the everyday extraordinary. We’ve got the tools, but we’ve also got the attitude. Innovation isn’t about gimmicks, it’s a genuine commitment to finding a way no matter what, even if the odds are against us or it’s never been done. So if there’s a problem that needs solving and the ordinary won’t do, Think Spencer.