Stevenage Station

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Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach to every project we carry out, Spencer Group is an industry leader in the design and delivery of solutions in the rail sector, with a wealth of experience in the construction of platforms. From upgrade work to design and build from scratch, Spencer have the ability to deliver to your specifications on any scale – from upgrades across a network to new build as part of a wider station package.

We specialise in taking on daring, challenging and difficult projects that others can’t manage, and our in-house design team is built on problem solving through engineering innovations. With Spencer on your side, we’ll work to ensure your design is optimised to deliver to your specifications at minimum cost and disruption to your service.

Thanks to our wealth of experience across disciplines, we can ensure that the technically complex engineering and management that accompanies platform work is managed by a team of people who are experts in their areas. Through value engineering, we are able to design bespoke solutions to your platform projects that deliver on your specifications whilst saving man-hours and possession time.

The complexity of a project isn’t limited to the engineering on the ground and its success is often determined at the planning phase. Our planning teams have years of experience in delivering some of the most complex packages of works in the UK. They are experts in managing stakeholders and suppliers to optimise efficiency and transparency from start to finish.

“That really was a stunning performance from your teams on Stevenage. I am delighted with the outcome, and the complexity of the interlocking works isn't lost on any of us, it's been executed with A Grade quality. Such a slick delivery isn't possible without a great deal of background planning and well placed expertise in place, so well done and thank you.”

Capital Delivery Director, Eastern Region

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