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The nuclear industry is one of the most challenging sectors for any business to operate in, requiring not only expert knowledge of the engineering challenges the work poses, but also the strict regulatory frameworks that must be adhered to. Spencer Group undertakes engineering within the nuclear industry at every stage of the project, having both the legal and regulatory insight and the multidisciplinary engineering skill to deliver world class results for any client’s needs.

We know that no two projects are alike, especially in an industry as sensitive as the nuclear sector, so we always start with a blank-slate approach. Our in-house design team have sector-leading experience in disciplines including mechanical, electrical, civil and process engineering, and will deploy bespoke solutions to ensure no option is unexplored. Innovation is in our blood and we have the skill and vision to design and build the best possible scheme to deliver to specification.

Thanks to our belief in self-delivery, we can manage the project from the planning and design phase all the way through to delivery and commissioning – even decommissioning what we have delivered once the project is over. We also love puzzles and specialise in projects with restricted access and other operational challenges. Our existing experience in the nuclear sector allows us to undertake this work with a thorough understanding of the regulatory responsibilities, as well as an unwavering commitment to the utmost safety standards at all times.

"The whole scheme has been a huge success and is a great testament to our multi-disciplinary capabilities working in such a restrictive, safety critical environment."

Gary Thornton - Managing Director

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