Kessock Underdeck Gantry

Having relied on temporary gantries in the past, Kessock Bridge commissioned a new under-deck gantry to allow easier access that could be used year-round to maintain the bridge. The new access solution would need to allow access to the entirety of the under-deck area and eliminate the need for scaffolding, reducing costs and limiting the impact on the normal operation of the bridge.

Key Project Details

Client BEAR Scotland
Duration 24 months
Location Inverness, Scotland

Project Scope

The new gantry would be required to articulate around the geometry of the bridge in order to run freely along each span, providing access to the under-deck of the bridge as well as the piers and the exterior of the bridge using the pre-installed scissor lifts. Spencer’s in-house design team proposed a new type of moving gantry that would allow inspection and maintenance of the entire under-deck of the bridge, able to articulate around three axes in order to fulfil the unique requirements specified by the client.

The project involved

Gantry articulates around three axes


Spencer’s depth of in-house expertise allowed us to design and build the new gantry, then carry out the complex process of installing the systems on the bridge, despite difficult conditions working at height and in confined spaces. Collaboration was a key factor in the successful completion of the project, with the design team, client and engineers in constant communication to minimise cost and maximise buildability. This resulted in an excellent relationship with the client, and further commissioned work on the bridge.

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