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Spencer Group has over 20 years of experience in delivering complex projects for the rail sector. We know that our clients are often under immense pressure to deliver their services with the minimum level of disruption and cost. Our approach to maintenance takes imaginative thinking about how to conduct works with the minimum of fuss, and marries it with innovative engineering to deliver projects to our clients’ specifications.

Our rail team has experience in a wide variety of maintenance projects across its disciplines, including Bridges, Track, Signalling, OHLE and building, and we love a challenge. We’re able to carry out works that others can’t through a combination of planning and engineering innovation, to solve problems, from access, to time, to conservation status.

We have delivered maintenance projects across the spectrum of rail, but we specialise in working under time pressure during tight possession periods where every decision can have important consequences for the success of the project. By working with our planning team, our clients are able to experience a dynamic and transparent process of decision making that draws on the industry leading expertise of rail professionals.

We work with our planners and engineers to ensure that all of the organisational and technical tools at our disposal are deployed to meet the tightest deadlines, whether that means creating a whole new delivery framework to meet your needs or inventing a new engineering trick to bypass problems and save time.

"A very big well done for Ipswich Cord and Gravesend. Tremendous achievement."

Saleem Mohammed - Route Delivery Director, Sussex IP

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