Investing in our future and yours


Investing in the future of apprentices and graduates

Engineering is one of the most diverse, exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career paths there is. Our world is built on engineering and through engineering you can change lives, change communities and change the world. As one of the UK’s leading privately-owned engineering businesses, we’re committed to opening up the world of engineering to a new generation of talented individuals who have the drive and skill to deliver the extraordinary.

We firmly believe that young people deserve well-paid, fulfilling employment and should be given real responsibilities on real projects whether they’re a graduate or an apprentice. Background is secondary to vision, and a willingness to think carefully and analytically to find the new and best solution is the most important quality in any engineer.

Pride is an invisible factor in choosing a career, but we believe it’s one of the most important attributes you can have in any profession. It turns a good engineer into a great one, and drives the best to achieve even more. Pride is something that has to be earned, and we aim to grow it in all our graduates through the work they do: Pride in their projects, pride in their performance, pride in their business and pride in their sector.

No business should expect their graduates to join fully formed, with the experience of a seasoned professional, and University shouldn’t be the end of the line for learning. We believe in recruiting for potential and nurturing that spark of the extraordinary through structured development, mentorship and training. We believe that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough, and in return we aim to inspire our staff to be world class, and to make a difference at all levels of the business.

Meet our Extraordinary Apprentices

The UK is on the edge of a skills crisis in engineering and we need to significantly increase our output of new talent to even stand still in this £456bn sector. We can’t afford to let young talent through the net for want of an opportunity, which is why we wholeheartedly support apprenticeships in the engineering sector. University isn’t the route for everybody, and diversity of thought is key to the inventive attitude that leads to extraordinary work.

By supporting young people at the earliest stage of their careers by helping them earn real money, learn real skills and get a truly inspiring introduction to the workplace, we can reap the rewards as businesses and as a society through the excellent work they do. To bridge the gap, we need to offer the trust and support apprentices need to make their mark.

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