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With more than 20 years of experience in delivering large, complex packages of work in the rail sector, Spencer Group have developed a strong portfolio of car park projects as both standalone developments and as part of larger rail facilities. Thanks to our integrated approach to the planning and execution of projects, we are able to manage the construction of the car park development from start to finish as part of the wider rail facility using our industry leading teams of civil and rail engineers.

We thrive on the challenge of bringing a complex project together and it’s our ability to deliver exceptional stakeholder management that allows us to excel in projects that others just couldn’t handle. In a project as difficult as a new rail facility, everyone from the contractors to the local authorities need full confidence in order to succeed – we can deliver that confidence by ensuring that stakeholders at every level have the tools they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

From the civil engineering in the car park itself, to the integration with the rail engineering on the station, to the planning of access both during works and afterwards – we make sure it all comes together to deliver a solution that works for everyone. Flexibility is our watchword and the clients’ needs are our biggest priority. We’ll work to deliver clever engineering and planning solutions to ensure as little downtime and as few complications as possible.

"The Long Rock project has been delivered to extremely tight timescales and to a very high standard of quality through the use of innovative engineering techniques, detailed planning and attention to detail."

Sean Delaney - Department for Transport

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