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Industrial Buildings

Thanks to the wide range of expertise within the business‭,‬ Spencer Group has been able to develop innovative solutions and deliver highly successful projects in the Industrial sector‭.‬ This sector can be very competitive and requires a keen sense of commercial awareness to be successful‭, ‬which when combined with‭ ‬an ability to approach value engineering in-house puts the Spencer Group in a unique position‭. ‬

Calling on industry leading experts in multiple sectors as diverse as civil engineering‭, ‬rail and materials handling‭, ‬we are able to create daring solutions to the trickiest problems that our clients face‭. ‬It’s this depth of knowledge that allows us to self-deliver industrial projects from start to finish‭, ‬complete with the complex planning that comes with designing the buildings from scratch‭, ‬to designing and building the access infrastructure‭, ‬to commissioning the site when it’s built‭.‬

We’re also adept at forming part of a wider team to deliver projects‭. ‬Our world-class planning team thrive on managing complex collaboration and stakeholder relationships to ensure the work gets done and maximum satisfaction is achieved‭. ‬We’re not afraid to break new ground and we know no projectis ordinary‭, ‬that’s why we’re constantly at work to deliver innovative solutions that save time and money‭. ‬From our 40,000‭ ‬ft2‭ ‬Border Control Posts with complex M&E and Refrigeration requirements‭, ‬to large industrial warehouse and storage facilities‭, ‬we look at things differently to generate maximum value from every element of the design‭.‬