Forth Road Bridge Main Cable Inspection

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Surveys & Inspections

Spencer Group carry out bridge surveys & inspections on structures across the UK and Europe. Our inspection process involves looking at defects, their causes and potential repairs. Inspections either take place from a distance or by utilising specialist access techniques such as pontoons, rope access or suspended gantry platforms.

Our thorough investigation work assists our clients in extending the lifespan of bridges, using a combination of disciplines across the civil engineering sector and beyond to develop game-changing solutions to unique problems.

Spencer Group have a number of in-house weld and paint inspectors allowing us to react quickly to identify defects and highlight potential issues & solutions.

We have the capability to inspect a wide range of problematic areas including cables, bearings, bridge deck and A frames. Our experience in specialist access techniques enables us to perform inspections with minimum disruption to bridge users and the local environment.