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Joining communities across the world, our work on some of the world’s largest and most impressive bridges has seen us achieve many industry firsts; from our patented cable crawler, which allows our engineers to work at height and keep the bridge operational, to our retro-fit dehumidifying process which is prolonging the life of suspension bridges across Europe.

From innovative design and build projects to advanced maintenance and asset management, our robust capability serves not only individual structures but also key elements of larger schemes such as rail projects and highways.

We have developed pioneering solutions for a range of static and movable structures, both as new-build projects and as upgrades and enhancements.

The teams’ vast experience demonstrates static and moving structures at varied intersections, including highways, rail, waterways, cycle ways and pedestrian routes. Our blank canvas approach to strengthening, refurbishment and renovation promotes innovation and minimises disruption for all stakeholders.

Read on to find out more about our expertise in bridges, or view our latest projects to get a flavour of our unique approach.

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