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Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

Spencer Group’s in-house design team allows us to take a project from start to finish with a fully holistic approach to the design & build, which works best when we are involved right at the start.

Our commitment to Front End Engineering Design (FEED) enables us to ensure that every aspect of the project is optimised to client requirements before the detail D&B starts, avoiding significant changes in the execution phase, saving our clients the pain of increased costs and delays to their project completion.

Working closely with the client all the way through the project, we’ll make sure that the initial specifications set out in the scope of works are cost effective, safe and buildable. We’ll engage in collaborative work with all of the stakeholders on the project to make sure we’re on the same page, that resources are allocated intelligently, and that our goals are understood by all. Finally, we’ll review and maintain this structure throughout the project, to ensure the minimum of change and risk for all parties. That holistic approach from the D&B being under one roof results in much greater efficiencies during the project and develops a collaborative partnership with the client from day one.

Our commitment to FEED also allows us to deliver potentially huge savings in value engineering by meticulously optimising every element of the design – from big decisions on method, all the way down to the choice of materials and decisions on logistics. By getting involved as early as possible, we can ensure that these decisions are maintained throughout the project, and form a coherent part of the project all the way through to the building work and completion.

But it’s not all about cutting back – we’ll also be able to add value during the FEED process. By acting as the coordinator in the process and utilising our own array of experts, we are able to bring together all the information we need on the project to adopt a ‘right first time’ approach – ensuring the best decisions are made ahead of time, and minimising waste and delays.