Glasgow Science Centre Bridge

Spencer Group were appointed to design and construct a double bascule bridge over the River Clyde, linking the prestigious £75m Glasgow Science Centre on the South Bank with the Scottish Conference and Exhibition Centre on the North Bank.

Key Project Details

Client Glasgow Science Centre
Duration 13 months
Location Glasgow

Project Scope

The project involved the design and construction of a double bascule bridge with a total span of 128m, consisting of 2 fixed spans of 44m and 2 lifting spans of 35m. The navigable channel with the two spans raised is 35m wide. The bridge sub-structure is formed from a triangular tubular steel lattice frame connecting a single bottom boom with two upper boom members. The lifting spans are raised by twin hydraulic cylinders mounted in line with the bottom boom, which maintain the same gradient as the fixed span approaches when in a lowered position. The bridge is radio controlled with the two spans operated separately and remotely to avoid the need for pipework or cables linking the two ends of the bridge.

We were responsible for the concept design and detailed manufacturing drawings for the structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems. Each fixed span is supported at the lifting position by a single 1520mm diameter tubular steel pile and at mid span by a 914mm diameter pile.

All marine piling and dolphin works were conducted internally by Spencer Group operatives utilising the company’s floating barge the ‘Meeuw’.

During the detailed design phase, our internal design department proposed an alternative design for a lift bridge, in place of the originally proposed swing bridge, which reduced the project duration and budget.

The project involved

44m Fixed Spans
2 Lifting Bascules


Spencer Group constructed the bridge both on time and on budget providing Glasgow with a vital link over the Clyde for pedestrians and cyclists, whilst maintaining the navigational passage of the river. Following our success, we were approached a Consortium of Swedish Property Developers to deliver a further double bascule footbridge at the Port of Vasteras in Sweden, mirroring both the aesthetics and operation of the Glasgow Science Centre footbridge.

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The project involved

35m Navigable Width