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Power Generation

Thanks to the wide range of expertise within the business, Spencer Group has been able to develop innovative solutions and deliver highly successful projects in the energy sector. Power generation is an extremely complicated field due to the complexity of linking many types of infrastructure together to create a functioning whole, but to us it’s an opportunity to rise to a new challenge.

Calling on industry leading experts in fields as diverse as rail, civil engineering, M&E and materials handling, we are able to create daring solutions to the trickiest problems that our clients face. It’s this depth of knowledge that allows us to self-deliver power generation projects from start to finish, complete with the complex planning that comes with designing the plant from scratch, to designing and building the access infrastructure, to commissioning the site when it’s built.

We’re also adept at forming part of a wider team to deliver projects. Our world-class planning team thrive on managing complex collaboration and stakeholder relationships to ensure the work gets done and maximum satisfaction is achieved. We’re not afraid to break new ground and we know no project is ordinary, that’s why we’re constantly at work to deliver innovative solutions that save time and money. From our own £200m Energy Works project to the Port of Tyne renewable fuels terminal, we look at things differently to generate maximum value from every element of the design.

"Energy Works will be at the forefront of waste to energy technology in the UK and pave the way for further innovation in this field. The Energy Academy and the partnership with the University of Hull will play a key part in maximising the research and development opportunities Energy Works offers."

Richard Burgess - Deputy Managing Director

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