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Women in Engineering

Putting stereotypes aside to offer equal opportunities

Engineering is one of the most exciting and inspiring professions anyone can enter. We love our work and we firmly believe in extending that opportunity to anyone and everyone who has what it takes to be an engineer. Through supporting organisations such as Women Into Manufacturing and Engineering (WIME), through mentorship, and through the example of our talented engineers, we’re committed to showing off the potential of an engineering career to women and girls of all ages.

Spencer Group claimed the Medium Organisation prize in the 2018 Northern Power Women Awards in recognition of our exceptional work championing female talent in a traditionally male-dominated sector.

Lucy Grierson, Systems Director, talks about her first day at Spencer Group, 25 years ago

Caitlin Padgett, Graduate Developer, talks about her role 5 months in and how the in-house software training modules are helping her to learn PHP

The first step to a lifetime in engineering is an inquisitive mind, a daring approach or a dedicated character. Set to the right task these qualities can be found in anyone, but too often we let stereotypes and misconceptions get between girls and their chance to discover what engineering has to offer.

Many ideas are formed early in life, at school and from parents and teachers. That’s why we’re committed to reaching out to women at a young age, through our support of projects such as the Ron Dearing University Technical College, which focuses on developing the technical and practical skills the industry needs. But even before this stage girls are receiving outdated messages, saying that engineering is a ‘job for boys’; that it’s dirty or physical work.

Kelly Bush, Design Manager, talks about her role and the opportunities she’s had over her 15 years at Spencer Group

Hannah Liddle, Site Engineer, talks about her perceptions of the engineering industry and a project in Kenya she would love to work

Our culture at Spencer is one of openness and inclusivity, where anyone with the talent to succeed can progress, and we’re proud to display that ethic through the range of positions in which women are doing world class work. We’re not interested in quotas – our strength is in our depth, and we aim to bring women into the industry by increasing applications from women inspired by the vast range of possibilities.

Performance isn’t just about hours worked or numbers on a spreadsheet, it’s about creating a culture that fosters talent and turns good engineers into great engineers. It’s about creating an approachable environment where those with the skills can have their work valued and celebrated regardless of their background.

Courtney Harris, CAD Technician, takes us through her Apprenticeship, to working on a local major project and winning Apprentice of the Year 2016

Caroline Johnson, Head of Resources, talks about her role and experiences with Spencer Group

Here at Spencer we have the success stories to prove that women engineers with talent, from graduates to apprentices, can make their mark on our business and on the communities we work in. We’ll never stop doing extraordinary work, so we always need extraordinary people. Whoever you are, we’ll help you achieve your potential.



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