Drax Rail Loading Facility

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Materials Handling and Bulk Storage

Getting your stuff from A to B; we know it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Hazardous materials, bulk waste, biomass, building supplies – whatever you need to transport and store, we will find a solution.

Spencer is an industry leader in the field of materials and mechanical handling, including the transportation of biofuel and biomass, and has vast experience in heavy-duty materials handling solutions for all industries.

Our expertise extends to loading and unloading, whether by road, ship or rail, and the automatic transportation of materials using bespoke conveyors. No two projects are alike, and each presents its own set of unique challenges. For this reason, our team designs every scheme from first principles to ensure maximum performance rates for material transportation. Due to the varying nature of materials, we have developed expertise in several areas of conveying and are innovative in our approach.

Read on to find out more about our expertise in materials handling, or view our latest projects to get a flavour of our unique approach.

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