We understand we have a unique opportunity to enhance the natural environments in which we work and aim to create lasting positive benefits to the biodiversity and heritage of Britain’s landscapes. We are committed to identifying opportunities for our business to help improve the environment rather than simply mitigating the environmental effects of construction.

At the design and procurement stage we ensure environmental issues are at the forefront; whether its ensuring all timber products are certified by the forestry stewardship council or ensuring we are engaging with local suppliers and sourcing local materials. We are also experienced and passionate in analysing the life cycle cost of our designs and have a proven track record of delivering BREEAM rated projects.

We ensure our projects are delivered with a strong sustainability agenda through close sustainability auditing and associated KPI’s. We are always on the lookout for sustainable methods to power our sites sets up and ensure waste is dealt with using the waste hierarchy; as a minimum we divert 95% of non-hazardous waste from landfill. We monitor and record our carbon footprint at site level using sub-meters and various carbon calculation tools to ensure we keep in line with our carbon2020 reduction targets.


On the Ipswich Chord Rail enhancement programme we acted as principal contractor in a particularly sensitive site on the River Gipping in Ipswich, parts of which are a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The construction of two river crossings, a koffer dam and preparatory works to reinforce river banks required the highest standards of pollution control. Our approach at Ipswich was to build bunds to the river to prevent pollution from the immediately adjacent worksite, maintain a buffer to the river and instigate a zero tolerance approach to any pollution of the watercourse. We installed booms to prevent any surface contamination and these were regularly monitored and maintained, with materials removed and disposed of.

Our leadership are committed to our environmental pledges and ensure we continuously improve our environmental education, awareness and training not just within Spencer itself but through our supply chain and local community.

Spencer Group are fully certified to ISO14001