Port of Tyne Renewable Fuels Terminal

The facility was designed to service Drax Power Station by rail with biomass product. Receiving road deliveries, the facility provided storage to house 130,000m3 of product and capability for mechanical rail loading – whilst the trains are moving – for onward dispatch. The scheme involved bespoke mechanical feed loading hoppers, fuel monitoring systems, mechanical handling conveying and screening and a rail load out facility.

Key Project Details

Client Drax Power Limited
Duration 6 Months
Location Port of Tyne, South Shields
Contract Form ICE Design & Construct, with Port of Tyne Amendments

Project Scope

This project included the construction of a new biomass storage building which had a 70,000te capacity, with fire detection and dust suppression systems. Also to be constructed was: a new reclaim conveyor capable of carrying 400 tonnes per hour, 6 reclaim hoppers with screens and belt weighting, a transfer tower, a drive house with over belt magnet and dust suppression systems, a new rail loading feed conveyor with dust suppression, a rail loadout facility including a rail weighbridge, dust suppression systems and control room. As a result of the unique nature of the project, many of these facilities were designed from scratch by Spencer in order to fit the project requirements.

The project involved

200m of transit conveyor structures
Conveyors carry 400 tonnes per hour


Using an innovative new measurement system, Spencer achieved a compliant 97% wagon fill by volume, and optimised storage building design to satisfy product storage, operational requirements and fuel monitoring. Making use of our advanced 3D and 4D design capabilities we were able to satisfy all the safety and quality control requirements of this time sensitive project, including fire monitoring and suppression systems, as well as extremely sensitive screening processes. The final storage building was 150m x 75m x 20m and the rail loading storage silo had a 2000m3 capacity which was capable of being filled at 400TPH and discharging 1150t in approximately 30 minutes.

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The project involved

Handling 130,000m3 of biomass