Northern Powergrid Framework

Spencer Group were selected for the supply of electrical services to Northern PowerGrid, replacing meter boards and removing contaminated materials. The framework began in 2006, and was initially drawn up for a 2-year contract, however this has been extended on a rolling basis, based on the previous success of works and efficient working relationship between Northern PowerGrid and Spencer Group.

Key Project Details

Client Northern PowerGrid
Duration 10 years
Location North East of England

Project Scope

Works typically involve the disconnection of electrical supplies, either by live disconnections or by switching at substations, and the disconnection of existing cabling to industrial service units (ISU). Following this, new ISUs and meters are installed, and cabling and supply reconnected, either by live reconnection or by switching.

As well as upgrading the electrical infrastructure, much of the work involves the removal of asbestos from the equipment and/or the meter board, with almost 45,000kg of asbestos removed in total over the past 10 years. These works are important for the rollout of smart meters, because if asbestos is present in either the existing equipment or on the existing meter boards, new ones cannot be installed.

The project involved

Work undertaken at 3,000 properties in the last ten years
15,000 individual letters and forms completed as part of Spencer Group’s commitment to good stakeholder relations


Each of these replacements are time-sensitive, as reliance on power for homes and businesses means that work must be completed in just one day to minimise disruption to the customer.

Over the past 10 years, works have been undertaken at 3,000 properties, 2,000 of which were industrial or commercial sites.

Due to the nature of this work, efficient and effective stakeholder engagement is paramount to the success of the projects. As part of this, Spencer Group have issued over 15,000 letters and forms to ensure good communication and cooperation with affected parties. This demonstrates Spencer Group’s commitment to building good relations with stakeholders and ensuring high level customer satisfaction.

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The project involved

No accidents or RIDDORS over the 104,000 hours worked to date