XER Toolkit

XER Schedule Toolkit is the recognition that project schedules globally can be improved through the application of basic techniques and ideologies.

The toolkit operates entirely within Microsoft Excel and can access data from Microsoft Project files (MPP), Primavera XER files, Primavera XML files  or by connecting directly with the Primavera P6 database. All features are designed to promote schedule visibility, awareness and ultimately help drive improvements in schedule quality. All outputs are produced in standard Excel workbooks that can be shared.

By providing the entire project community with tools that allow them to engage with the planning process, the toolkit can facilitate wider distribution and greater understanding of the project schedule. As a result, broader participation in the schedule’s development and maintenance life cycle is achieved and ultimately, this helps drive project delivery.

In addition to its Microsoft Project and Primavera schedule viewing capability, there are also a range of advanced schedule diagnostic tools that can aid planners to efficiently build more technically robust schedules.

The XER Schedule Toolkit is our passion and through the commitment by Spencer Group, to it’s support and development, we are excited by the future possibilities and opportunities yet to be realised.

For more information on the product, please visit the XER Schedule Toolkit website or view this Overview Video created by ICPCS.