How we work with you

Directly employed workforce

Spencer Group are committed to managing and delivering all aspects of a project from design to handover. Our directly employed workforce bring a wide variety of expertise to every project we deliver, tackling even the most difficult of challenges with simple engineering skill.

Backing up our industry-leading engineering teams is our planning department, who work from start to finish to deliver the best in project delivery and stakeholder collaboration to ensure maximum results with minimum waste. From planning permission all the way through to the handover process, our planners ensure that every element of a project runs smoothly with the maximum of transparency for clients and the supply chain at large.

We specialise in integrating our projects with the existing infrastructure in contexts from rail to road to ports, and we aim to deliver our work with as little disruption to the existing asset as possible. This is where the magic happens, as our planners work together with our engineers and clients to develop innovative solutions that overcome problems from height to space and restricted possession.

By choosing Spencer Group, our clients are choosing a relationship built on our collaborative, open and honest partnering philosophy and our dedication to innovation and high-quality delivery. Safety, innovation and value creation are at the heart of everything we do and we have a robust skill set which can be deployed at any stage of the project life cycle, from concept design through to commissioning, operation and maintenance.