Wessex Package 7 Update

A multi-million pound project to increase the length of platforms along the Wessex rail route has moved closer to completion.

More than 600 shifts were completed by the Spencer Rail team across nine locations last weekend.

On completion, Wessex Package 7 will have seen Spencer Rail design and deliver the lengthening of platforms at 50 station sites across the area.

The latest works included:

  • ·  Guildford North Box – more than 80 tonnes of spoil was removed from the site, which built up due to bad weather and the need to use road haulage instead of rail haulage. The signalling and communications systems are also now in place and works are on target to allow 10-car trains to be stabled in the sidings, when they are delivered to South West Trains in May.
  • ·  Vauxhall – since Christmas, constrained by only two hours working time per night, the team has ensured the site is ready for steel installation, which is due to begin on Wednesday 05 March 2014.
  • ·  Berrylands – the remaining signal gantry has been removed during night time live blocks using burners. This will allow the installation of platform two to continue.
  • ·  New Malden – all GRP has been placed on the platform to allow the Spencer Steel Installation team to install it this week.
  • ·  Effingham Junction – work is on track to prepare for next weekend’s possession.

Spencer Rail’s Wessex Package 7 programme director Samantha Wadsworth said: “We have made another stride forward in the delivery of Wessex Package 7 following a busy but successful weekend of work.

“Our teams worked in excess of 600 shifts across nine locations over the weekend to ensure we met our targets and we are delighted to say all of the works were completed on time and without incident.”

Additional measures were also put in place this weekend to improve communications between COSSs and signallers before any COSSs were allowed on site.

Following the good progress, Spencer Rail has contracted three additional full-time COSSs until the end of March.

Wessex Package 7 forms part of the wider TLP, which aims to allow the operation of longer trains on key routes within the South East of England to deliver a higher passenger capacity into major London terminus stations.

Delivered in four-station batches, with more than 2,500m of platform being constructed, Spencer Rail is responsible for the renewal of more than 1,400m of plain line, the installation of seven point ends (three crossovers and one turnout) as well as the fitting of new and transposed conductor rails to a length of more than 2,600m.

Along the way, 39 new signals will be installed as well as 49 new location cabinets with all associated fit out and cabling, together with 11 DNO upgrades.