Finsbury Park Enabling Works

Finsbury Park’s Enabling Works project was the start of an increased accessibility programme  by LU to ensure step free access to the Victoria and Piccadilly Underground Lines at Finsbury Park Station. Spencer Group was awarded a contract with London Underground to complete the enabling works within a tight 54 hour possession whilst working with LU’s designers, ARUP, to construct the enabling works required.

Key Project Details

Client London Underground
Duration 54 hours
Location London
Contract Form NEC3, Option A

Project Scope

The project involved the installation of 30 nr mini piles into platform 8 of Finsbury Park Station. The piles were required to form a reception shaft for the Phase 2B works which were due to be completed as a separate scheme for LU at a later date. The main enabling works to the scheme included 3 nr rules of the route advance works possession visits to Finsbury park to excavate 3 nr slip trenches in the location of the piles to ensure no services were encountered once the main works began. In the main 54 hour possession, Spencer Group’s team, who undertook the piling works, also completed partial demolition of the existing Milk Dock platform at the station. This comprised removing masonry platform riser walls whilst protecting a disused underground staircase directly below the milk dock.

The project involved

30nr mini piles into platform 8
3nr rules of the route advanced work possession visits


The result of the works was that both the piling and demolition was completed fully, on time. All works areas were handed back to LU prior to the 04:00 deadline. The interfaces with the following parties London Underground, Network Rail, Morgan Sindall and ARUP were a success and following good communication allowed the works to be completed smoothly and efficiently. The works were recognised as a huge success by the LU delivery team which also highlighted Spencer Groups ability to work on a tight logistical site, utilising a limited possession for the area and also interfacing with many different stakeholders and organisations involved in the scheme and the surrounding area.

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The project involved

works completed within 54 hour possession
3nr slip trenches in the location of piles