Transport for London salutes New Cross Gate works

Spencer Rail has been praised for its work at New Cross Gate Depot by Transport for London.

Paul Edwards, fleet manager for London Overground Operations at TfL, said: “I just want to thank you all for the momentous efforts you and your teams have shown, with a 72-hour blockade at New Cross Gate Depot.

“Not only have we progressed safely, the amount of building work completed was amazing – certainly changing the landscape of the depot in a number of areas. With all possessions handed back on schedule, we also achieved full service this morning across the Overground network.

“This is fantastic for both passengers and the business alike – working like a well-oiled machine.

“Working collaboratively together to achieve the requirements of all stakeholders with different end goals highlights how projects can be achieved with varying forces on priorities in a day-to-day environment of an operational facility such as NXGD.

“Once again, I would like to thank you all so much for making this humongous achievement happen and my thanks to all the teams involved. You should all be very proud of this latest success.”

Works completed over a 72-hour period included:

Infrastructure Works

 Extension of the New Cross Gate southern head shunt (without rail) – cutting away 40m of platform, installation of new edging, new fencing, laying of ballast, resurfacing the disturbed platform, bringing in new sleepers

 Repositioning of 4-car and 8-car shunt Sop markers in the platform at NXG station

 Installation of the MFB superstructure with scaffolding now erected around exterior

 MFB break-out of concrete under the buffers of roads B, C and D

 MFB further break out of concrete behind “the wall” in the area handed over to Spencer

 Removal of WLHC steel work North end

 Completion of cable diversions for the washer road and machine – all tested successfully and redundant cables removed

ELL Train Service

 All units planned in advance with any defects being fixed prior to service

 Restarting of 22 units following a weekend possession from total shut down

 Temporary redeployment of staff to Willesden to take into consideration the closure of NXGD

 Preparation of 22 trains at NXGD following the lifting of possession in a short period of time

 Delivery of trains into service without delay

 Planning and shunting of units into shed for daytime shift following the lifting of the possession, to ensure any delayed maintenance was completed