The Future's Bright in the South West

Significant investment and employment opportunities in the South West.

Spencer Group are currently delivering on a large-scale project in Penzance and have committed to a range of current and upcoming activities with a total value exceeding £80m.

Building on the success of previous projects in the region including works in Torbay Harbour and the M48 Severn River Crossing, the multi-disciplinary engineering company are continuing to hire new talent and establishing more business partnerships within the local supply chain.

Andrew Parkinson, Group Director of Strategy and Innovation explains:

“For Spencer Group, the South West is a key region for growth and investment so we are expanding our portfolio here for the long-term, creating jobs, encouraging wider inward investment and playing our part in boosting the local economy.

“Buying local is a big priority for us wherever we are operating, as we are keen to make sure that our work carries a positive impact throughout the community and region we are working in. For example, we’re proud to say that of the total staff used on one of our projects in the South West, the Penzance Depot Enhancement Works, 96% were local workers.”

Over the coming months, Spencer Group will be continuing to recruit local people for their upcoming projects in a range of roles from design and development through to IT and engineering.

Mr Parkinson continued:

“Spencer Group delivers projects that are designed to bring about positive change, from design through to build and every stage in between. We are hopeful that through our continued and growing investment in the South West, we can contribute to the ground swell of planned activity, which is establishing the region as a major player in the UK economy.”

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