Spencer Groups supply chain signs up to new charter

Rail infrastructure firm the Spencer Group has launched a new charter in a bid to provide industry leading performance.

Spencer has put together the ‘Supply Chain Partners Charter’ to acknowledge its commitment to working collaboratively with its supply chain businesses to provide industry leading quality whilst managing the collective social, economic and environmental impacts.

All 30 of Spencer’s supply chain organisations signed up to the charter following a workshop led by Simon Noble, with Darren Coote and Murray Hetherington heavily involved in the pre-workshop activities.

Simon, commercial director at Spencer Group, said: “The Supply Chain Partners Charter provides us and our supply chain partners with a clear vision of how we operate; it gives us criteria by which to evaluate our performance across a number of areas.

“I am delighted that all 30 of our supply chain partners have agreed to follow these guidelines in a bid to constantly deliver the best possible service and, in turn, raise the standard of project delivery across the rail industry.”

During the workshop, Spencer outlined the charter’s objectives in seven categories – health and safety, communication, continuous improvement, financial and commercial, relationship management, sustainability and quality of service.


Spencer Supplier Charter


The charter’s aims are:

Health & Safety:

  • Safety comes first approach
  • Compliance with lifesaving rules
  • Adherence with behavioural safety programme


  • We will have a no blame culture
  • Work together with clear, deliverable and measurable objectives that exceeds our clients expectations
  • Treat all stakeholders with courtesy, honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity

Continuous improvement:

  • Value creation – suggest ways to reduce costs/wastage
  • Research and develop new and innovative ways of working together that creates or adds value
  • Define core capabilities and where value can be added

Financial and commercial:

  • Fair payment – subcontractors will have payment periods reasonably reflecting Main Contract Terms
  • Ensure accurate cost forecasting and real time reporting

Relationship management:

  • Develop trust through open and honest relationships
  • Identify opportunities for integrated delivery


  • Use BS8903:2010 Principles and framework for procuring sustainability
  • Work together during the tender and procurement stages to increase positive outcomes and win work together

Quality of service:

  • Maintain or improve the quality of the product/service
  • Great service = repeat purchase = profit = jobs for people