Spencer Group’s eLearning scheme proving successful

Spencer Group employees have completed nearly 500 courses since the launch of the company’s in-house training initiative less than four months ago.

The Spencer Online Learning Opportunity (SOLO) was launched in September 2014 in a bid to enhance the delivery methods of training within the business.

Since then, 486 courses have completed by Spencer’s 400 staff, saving more than £48,000 through eLearning delivery.

Aaron McIver, training manager at Spencer, said: “SOLO benefits our business significantly. By delivering courses electronically, we are increasing our efficiency and reducing our costs immensely. Online learning reduces time away from the workplace, cuts down on expensive travel and reduces the need for costly classroom-based training. It also gives us the ability to quickly create and communicate new policies and training. Users can revisit course material at any point for reinforcement.

“Users have greater access to training opportunities which allows them to enhance their knowledge and skills. We also have the added ability to refresh or update our courses whenever necessary and users have the opportunity to learn at their own pace.”

More than 1,700 work hours have been saved through staff training online in their own time along with 77,760 sheets of paper – the equivalent of eight trees – by storing all documentation electronically.

SOLO, which offers 18 training courses, has also led to almost 15,000 car and train miles being saved as well as 4,370kg of CO2.

Despite the immediate benefits SOLO has provided to Spencer, Mr McIver is determined to expand the resource over the coming months.

He said: “We have begun building upon the work already completed to further enhance the functionality and capability of SOLO. New courses and briefings will be introduced into SOLO at regular intervals. This is an extremely exciting time for everyone at Spencer. Investment into staff training and development is one of Spencer’s highest priorities and I have no doubt we will continue to see the benefits of SOLO.”