SOS is a new in-house communication system, built around the key requirement of open book working and client access. Fully accessible by outside parties – (allocated password and username) and full visibility of all in-house communication and documents from your project.


S.O.S or Spencer Online System is a bespoke package enabling the engineers to move the boundaries of knowledge sharing.  The system provides company wide document storage and web based email, capturing all documents passing through it and storing the information in correlation to a specific project.


The completely transparent system enables all staff to access up to date information about any project across the UK.  This method of instant knowledge sharing is not only a technological step forward but also an innovative step in the way we do business. This is because Spencer is not only making this system available to staff, but also clients too.  By giving clients access they can keep completely up to date with what is happening on their projects. 


A logical and easily searchable document control module means clients will never need to ask to see a particular drawing or wait for papers to be made available.