Putney progressing apace

A temporary footbridge at Putney Station has been removed three weeks ahead of schedule.

After serving passengers for 55 weeks, the bridge was removed early despite delays at the start of the project due to access problems.

The structure was installed in February last year to allow Spencer Rail to install three new lifts, expand the concourse area, build new ticket gates and toilets, and extend a canopy along the newly-lengthened platforms.

Work began to deconstruct the bridge at 2am on Sunday, February 23, and was completed in time for the Monday morning rush hour.

Alex McDermott, senior project manager at Spencer Rail, said: “It is the end of an era at Putney Station.

“As those who know the station will be only too well aware, this was not the location for a set-piece spectacular, where the construction team brings in a huge crane and local residents gaze in wonder as the span is lifted away in a matter of minutes.

“Putney Station is surrounded by private property so bringing in large plant was out of the question.

“The routine now familiar to this team is hard, manual effort – and lots of it.”

The teams, which included more than 70 people, arrived on site at 2am but were delayed due to having no access to the track at that time.

Temporary scaffolding was erected on the pair of tracks at 6am and the first span was down and tracks clear by 8.30am, putting work back on schedule.

The teams worked through the day to take down the second span and most of the staircases, with passenger walking routes being diverted to the new stairs.

Platforms were repaved and new lights were also fitted as part of the work.

Project Director, Neil Stuart, said: “This is without doubt an immense achievement and one that has vastly improved Putney Station.”