Damac cement silo

Spencer Group and partner Slipform Engineering collaborated to engineer and deliver a new 6000 tonne cement handling facility to our Client’s soaring construction industry demand.

The 52m (171ft) high silo was constructed on William Wright Dock in Hull to provide a greater cement handling capacity for bulk powder import and transport specialist Damac Group.

Key Project Details

Client Damac Group
Duration 11 months
Location Hull

Project Scope

Spencer Group were appointed to design and build a cement silo capable of holding circa 6000T of cement pumped off a ship berthed at William Dock in Hull.

The scope included the installation of 230 pre-cast concrete piled foundations due to the silo being located between the dock side and the Humber Estruary. The piles were driven 25m down into the bedrock.

Once the Piles were installed and cut to level, Slipform Engineering constructed a 1m thick reinforced concrete base. Following the curing period the 15m diameter Silo was continuously slipformed to a height of 52m using an innovative temporary works access platform.

Upon completion of the slipforming works and removal of the access platform and shutters, the pre fabricated steel roof structure was installed using a 500 tonne crane to lift into final position. Once connected to the silo walls concrete was poured and finished in-situ to complete the roof. An external galvanised staircase provides access to the roof and viewing platforms at 2 levels on the silo.

New drainage, a water main diversion and new surfacing around the operational area of the silo have been constructed to tie into the existing.

The project involved

52m high silo
6,000m3 capacity silo


A collaborative partnership between Spencer Group and Slipform Engineering ensured the silo construction was slipformed in one continous concrete pour in just 10 days, with the structure rising over 5m in height per day.

The project was handed back to the Client 1 month earlier than required, for a mechanical handling system to be installed by Silo Services Ltd. This will transfer the cement onto trucks in a loading bay directly beneath the silo.

The new concrete storage facility provides our Client (Damac Group) with a greater cement handling capacity for bulk powder imports.

Concrete arriving via ship berthed at William Dock in Hull will be distributed by Damac Group using their fleet of specialist bulk powder tankers for construction works across the UK.

The project involved

silo slipformed in 10 days