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Energy Works

Spencer  are involved in the development (from feasibility to completion) of an energy from waste facility. The facility will process upwards of 200,000 tonnes per annum of Solid Recovered Fuel (derived from municipal, commercial and/ or industrial sources).

Designed in-house, the development will span two interconnected sites in the industrial heartland of Hull covering a total area of 12 acres:

The Dalton Street site will house a state of the art Materials Recycling Facility, In-Vessel Composting facility and Anaerobic Digestion plant.

The Gasification plant and main storage facility will be based on the adjacent Cleveland Street site, where materials will be handled from the Dalton Street site by conveyor systems.

An Energy Academy has been integrated into the park to provide research and development facilities for Hull University and provide training and educational facilities in the renewable energy sector.

After several months of successful consultation with local residents and businesses, planning permission was received in October 2011 without a single local resident objection. Please note the wind turbine was not included in this as environmental assessments are ongoing.

Key project details

Energy Works will comprise of five innovative renewable and sustainable energy technologies. These are:

  • •  Fluidised bed Gasification technology (25Mwe)
  • •  Anaerobic Digestion (900,000 therms of gas)
  • •  In-Vessel Composting
  • •  Solar PV (0.25 MWe)
  • •  Wind Turbine (3MWe)

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