One Down, Six Light Maintenance Depots to Go

Train maintenance depot expert’s Spencer Group has successfully completed the upgrade of Ferme Park Depot in London. All works were completed on 12th January 2016 with handback to the Train Operating Company (TOC) expected before the end of January.

The refurbishment of Ferme Park forms part of the wider IEP Depots scheme, delivering upgrades to the East Coast Main Line’s (ECML) Light Maintenance Depots (LMD). Once complete, the enhanced depots will be able to maintain Hitachi Trains new fleet of Class 800 and 801 Super Express Trains that will run at speeds of up to 125mph and reduce journey times on the ECML.

Spencer was required to install facilities which would: Clean the trains interior and exterior, refuel, empty the toilets (Controlled Emission Toilets) and replenish the water tanks of the 5-car or 9-car super trains. A fuel system additive – AdBlue® – has also been supplied at each fuel point.

Diesel & Adblue UnitDiesel and AdBlue® Units

Through their multidisciplinary in-house design team, Spencer were able to provide a full design and build service, completing the detailed design of all civils and M&E. One of the main challenges through the design was the requirement to provide stormwater attenuation within the apron structure; so as to not exceed the capacity of the existing drainage system. This meant providing voids underneath the tracks to store the water prior to release back into the drain.

John Kendall, Spencer Group Project Manager, said: “Our design team, led by Tony Wells (Spencer Group Design Manager) and on-site team, led by Tony Cairns (Spencer Group Construction Manager,) have done a brilliant job in meeting the specifications of the project on-time with zero accidents/incidents.

“We encountered numerous challenges along the way; one being the limited isolations we had on overhead lines. We overcame this by re-sequencing our methodology, which allowed us to work safely under the live OLE.”

Spencer are currently refurbishing Edinburgh’s Craigentinny depot, where they have just successfully completed a disruptive possession over the Christmas period – with no complaints from the local residents. Only one depot on the ECML can be disrupted at any one time and with this in mind, Spencer completed their disruptive works at Ferme Park by 15th December. If these time critical works had overrun, it could have had a major delay impact on the whole IEP Depots programme.

John praised the teams resolve throughout the project and added: “We have worked in some time critical periods throughout the project and approximately undertaken 38,500 safe hours – which is a fantastic achievement.”

Spencer now has five remaining LMDs to refurbish: Craigentinny, Inverness and Aberdeen, Neville Hill, Newcastle Heaton, Bounds Green and the interface works at one brand new LMD in Doncaster. Craigentinny is currently underway with the rest in the design stage.

All depots will be complete and fully operational by August 2018.

Ferme Park before worksFerme Park before the works

Track on the Plinths South End Road 4Service Road 4 during construction – pit exposed with the tracks on plinths

Road 4 CompleteService Road 4 complete – put safely covered by a removable mesh walkway and brand new cleaning and maintenance facilities installed