Ipswich Yard

Whilst the Ipswich Chord project is drawing to a close, the Ipswich Yard scheme is just getting under way. The project will involve an extension of the reception line, extended sidings with access from both London and Felixstowe, improved signalling infrastructure to allow more efficient use of the Yard, new OLE infrastructure in the Yard and works to London and Hadeligh Rd parapets.

The scheme will contribute towards supporting the freight
growth on the network and outputs specified by the Strategic Freight Authority.

Work underway so far includes:

  • Setting up of CDM boundary plan and key documentation
  • Stakeholder interface meetings
  • Remote site set up established in PCCL’s land
  • OLE piling has commenced and to date we have installed 27/49 piles in Weeks 41/42
  • Subcontractor engagement is well underway

Danny Lane, project director said:


“Despite the delivery of the Chord the team has worked together with Network Rail to secure the delivery, strategy and contract for this scheme. This is testament to the hard work of the team.”
Danny Lane Spencer Group