Another major step forward on Wessex Package 7

Spencer Rail has completed one its busiest weekends of works on the Wessex Package 7 Platform Extension programme.

The programme to extend platforms at more than 50 stations in the Wessex region moved a step closer to completion after Spencer Rail’s Civils team complete more than 600 shifts across 11 different sites over the weekend of March 22/23.

Sam Wadsworth, Programme Director at Spencer Rail, said: “Last weekend was another busy weekend for the team but one that again was extremely successful. By maintaining our efforts over the weekends we are ensuring the project remains on schedule. As we move towards the end of March, there is still a lot of work to carry out but the team will be putting in every effort to make sure the works remain on schedule.

“The latest weekend of works saw developments at Kingston, Raynes Park, Earlsfield, Effingham Junction, Fulwell, Hampton, Vauxhall, Norbiton, Clapham Junction, Hampton Wick and Berrylands. Working across 11 different sites presented a few logistical challenges but these were overcome by effective pre-planning by the team.”

Highlights from the weekend included:

  • Kingston – assembly of steel structure to Platform 3 extension, installation of all copers, tactile panels and front litter screens. Parapet walls on the London End and Country End abutments were also broken out.
  • Raynes Park – construction of transition wall on Platform 1.
  • Earlsfield – load out of steelwork, transition blockwork on Platform 2 and Platform 3.
  • Effingham Junction – a possession was utilised for a follow-up tamp and also for the erection of 600m Vortok fencing.
  • Fulwell – completion of edging and preparation made in readiness of tarmac during the week.
  • Hampton – completion of a range of platform finishing works, including mastic, coper white lining and pointing. Completion of tarmac will take place during the week. There was also a major clean-up in readiness of hand-back and all fencing was completed.
  • Vauxhall – installation of GRP and steel work was completed. Shutters for grouting on Platform 8 were also installed.
  • Norbiton – installation of station signage under site warden protection.
  • Clapham Junction (Platform 11) – completion of brickwork trackside and blockwork on return side as well as the removal all spoil.
  • Hampton Wick – completion of 50 per cent of fencing.
  • Berrylands – completion of all fencing.

The Wessex Package 7 Platform Extension programme forms part of a wider plan which aims to allow the operation of longer trains on key routes within the south east of England to deliver a higher passenger capacity into major London terminus stations.

Delivered in four-station batches, with more than 2,500m of platform being constructed, Spencer Rail is responsible for the renewal of more than 1,400m of plain line, the installation of seven point ends (three crossovers and one turnout) as well as the fitting of new and transposed conductor rails to a length of more than 2,600m.

Along the way, 39 new signals will be installed as well as 49 new location cabinets with all associated fit out and cabling, together with 11 DNO upgrades.