Quality Observation

A Quality Observation is a way of reporting quality issues to prevent defective product or works from reaching the client. The form can also be used to report good quality works and knowledge sharing. Reporting of quality observations allows best practices to be shared, continual improvement to be made and lessons to be learned to prevent recurrence within the business.

A photo should be included to show the observation. Where possible, details of any corrective action should be recorded, this may include repair, rework or removal of the item or product.

Example categories of quality observations
• Incorrect or missing documentation
• Process not followed
• Incorrect drawings
• Damaged/incorrect materials
• Tools out of calibration
• Missing certification
• Design clashes
• Works not to specification
• Good items of work
• Tidy work site
• Processes that worked well

Please contact the SHEQ department if you have any other concerns or queries sheq@thespencergroup.co.uk

Report a Quality Observation