Spencer Group Delivers the Next Phase for Magnox's Intermediate Level Waste Framework

Multi-disciplinary engineering company Spencer Group successfully completed a highly technical and safety critical contract at Chapelcross Nuclear Power Station, in October 2015.

Spencer, on behalf of Magnox, successfully oversaw and delivered the design, manufacture and testing of underwater mechanical equipment, with the ability to collect and securely store Intermediate Level Waste (ILW).

The ILW currently resides in specialist Magnox skips at the bottom of 6m cooling ponds within the Dumfriesshire based power plant which is currently being decommissioned. Spencer oversaw the manufacture and testing of the underwater equipment which included radiation tolerant CCTV cameras and a bespoke basket to house the ILW.

Small basket S008 being lowered into receipt skip in Pond 2 in grid location D5.

Dan Mitchell, Spencer Group Engineer Manager, said: “We have been working within the nuclear industry since 2012; undertaking design management, manufacturing supervision and on-site works for the Magnox ILW Framework.

“A variation to the contract also saw us refurbish and upgrade a 1-tonne gantry crane that has been in operation since 1958, with a new proprietary hoist, gamma monitor and electrical control system.

“The whole scheme so far has been a huge success and is a great testament to our multi-disciplinary capabilities working in such a restrictive, safety critical environment.”

Spencer’s in-house design team managed the overall design, which was undertaken by Atkins, of all mechanical equipment. This was completed in January 2015. The new hoist electrical control system was designed to BS EN 61508 Functional Safety to fulfil the requirements of the safety system, further highlighting Spencer’s ability of Nuclear design safety.

These works are part of Magnox’s wider ILW Framework to see the safe removal of waste across all of the Magnox power plants, throughout the UK.

Small grapple adaptor installed in Pond 2 grid location B7.