Wessex Package 7 - Spencer Group

Wessex Package 7

Wessex Package 7 increased the length of platforms at 50 station sites along the Wessex rail route. It formed part of the wider Train Lengthening Programme, allowing the operation of longer trains in key parts of the south-east. Network Rail commissioned Spencer Group for the multi-disciplinary works, budgeting for £32.1 million.

Project scope

The entire project was determined by when the associated infrastructure, p-way, S&T, power and signals at each of 50 individual stations could be repositioned and commissioned to support the following platform construction works. Spencer designed and executed the lengthening of platforms at 57 station sites – with construction at the heartbeat of all operations.

To enable the swift construction of platforms we used our innovative construction methodology. All components for the platforms were carried into position manually, mitigating the requirements for heavy plant and reducing the wet trades. Achieved through the use of minipiles, steel frame and GRP decking, this all but negated the impact of construction on any other element of the scheme.

We collaborated with major supply chain partners to develop an innovative bespoke platform design to meet the demands of restructure track access. The joint team produced a design that saved 80 disruptive possessions over the life of the project.


Spencer completed the project through value engineering and, because of our innovative and unique GRP solution, we saved Network Rail a substantial £2.1 million.

Crucially, we achieved the overall objective of allowing greater passenger capacity into London. Since completion, this has clearly been evident, with a 22% rise in passenger numbers.