Magnox Intermediate Level Waste Framework - Spencer Group

Magnox Intermediate Level Waste Framework

The provision of equipment and technical support to provide integrated solutions for retrieving and processing various streams of radioactive Intermediate Level Waste (ILW), into self shielding waste containers for decay storage or final disposal.

The framework is in support of an ILW Management Programme across eight Magnox Sites. We have currently undertaken works in connection with three of the eight Framework sites: Chapelcross, Dungeness A and Hunterston.

During the operational life of Magnox Nuclear Sites, various forms of ILW have been produced and stored within shielded tanks and vaults of varying design. The framework deals with the retrieval and processing of approximately 5,560m3 of ‘Solid’ and ‘Wet’ wastes into containers for passive storage on site (Interim Storage) for up to 150 years. The majority of containers will ultimately be transferred into a national Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for final safe disposal.

The scope of supply includes limited research, development and design as well as manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation (as required) and decommissioning/removal of the equipment to perform these tasks. Enabling works are supplied under a different framework. A sampling strategy to support waste certification, commissioning, qualification and ongoing improvement shall also be required.