Gravesend Station Remodelling - Spencer Group

Gravesend Station Remodelling

The remodelling of Gravesend Station was the final part of the Kent Train Lengthening Programme. Spencer Group was commissioned to add an extra platform to accommodate the large number of commuters to London. This needed to be long enough for 12-car trains, which also meant extending the existing two platforms.

Project scope

The construction phase of the project was primarily delivered over a 15-day blockade between the 22nd December 2013 and the 6th January 2014. In addition to building a new platform and extending the existing two platforms, the team also removed the existing footbridge and water tower and constructed a new AfA-compliant footbridge with lifts serving all platforms.

The Spencer team took a collaborative approach to the project; both internal and external stakeholders worked alongside the project team, which also developed positive and productive relationships with multiple partners. A number of precautions were put in place to reduce or remove the likelihood of accidents, and the team even hired ex- Gurkha officers to control all entry and exit areas to the site.


This challenging multi-disciplinary project was completed on budget, for £15 million, and on time – in some of the worst winter storms ever seen in the south of England.

Spencer planned meticulously for the safety of everyone involved, preserving the heritage aspects of the station while ensuring ‘Access for All’ by installing lifts on all platforms.

The improvements have unlocked capacity in Kent, with considerably more space and seats for passengers on a busy commuter route in and out of London.