Alvsborg Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification - Spencer Group

Alvsborg Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification

The fourth project of its kind undertaken by Spencer, the works involve the final design, supply, testing, installation, and commissioning of the Main Cable Dehumidification System and all associated permanent and temporary works.

The project was the first overseas delivery by Spencer, undertaken on the landmark structure in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The system is designed as a means of intervention to halt the ongoing corrosion of the main cables.The project involves significant work at a high level above the bridge deck in a salt water environment and occasionally adverse weather conditions as well as full cable wrapping of the bridges main cables.

How it Works

Installation of new hand wires, and the installation and commissioning of all plant and equipment. The system injects dry air into the cable at a number of locations. A key part of the work was to seal the cables by wrapping them with a proprietary material which is then heated to create an air-tight environment.

Key project details

  • •  Main Cable Dehumidification
  • •  High Level Access
  • •  Mitigated Traffic Management