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Slipform Engineering

At Spencer Group we’re aware that some projects require the extraordinary to get them off the ground. We work with some incredible partner organisations who can bring unique specialisms to the table when the ordinary won’t cut it. One of these is the UK’s only Slipform specialists Slipform Engineering, who have expertise in the most modern construction techniques that take safety, efficiency and control to the next level.

Utilising their unique slipforming rig, Slipform Engineering are able to operate a system that allows the continuous pouring of concrete into a moving form – creating a seamless structure that can be produced much more quickly than traditional alternatives. The precise measurements involved in the process also allow for much greater efficiency, as wastage is kept to an absolute minimum.

Safety is our top priority and our slipform offering allows us to provide the safest option available for a construction project. Risks such as working at height, falling material and structural failure are eliminated by the technique, which also allows an extremely precise degree of control using Siemens measuring techniques. Updates can be gathered from the project every hour for maximum transparency and our clients can view this data live via a dashboard.

We have demonstrable experience in the delivery of slipform construction projects, ranging in value from £500k to £10m and have complete control over all aspects of our projects, while providing an economically competitive solution. Passionate about delivering a first class service to our clients, our slipform equipment solution overcomes key challenges that prevail in this area, whilst maximising quality and the safety of employees, clients and the general public.

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