Spencer Group employs in-house expertise when it comes to designing and installing OHLE solutions in restrictive environments, including tunnels and stations. An integrated approach to OHLE design and implementation, delivered through multi-disciplinary project teams, enables us to offer our clients a complete in-house solution to suit their specific requirements. We also have extensive experience in the required bonding, tensioning and connection of power supplies for safe isolation.

Turnkey Approach

ETE/ETM: Spencer has a proven track record in delivering all aspects of DC and AC installations.This includes new works and maintenance as well as testing and commissioning. Spencer has long standing contracts providing possession protection and isolation staff to both Network Rail and projects contractors.

P-Way and Technical Services: The rail division carries out track maintenance and renewal work as well as supplying track labour. The team can manage plain line and S&C projects through the design and delivery cycle.

Civil Engineering: Spencer provides a wide range of services, which consist of project work, UTX construction, level crossing surface replacement, fencing work, bases and line-side structures and platform works.

Overhead Line installation and maintenance: Spencer has a skilled and efficient workforce that is competent to carry out all types of work on both new and existing OHLE support systems. All of its overhead line team are competent in the assembly and installation of various types of structures used to support the contact wire on different configurations of overhead line systems.

Cable works: Spencer provides the complete service, from installing concrete and GRP route works to cable installation via train or non-mechanical means – the company has experience with it all.



As a design-lead organisation, we provide support to both our own projects and our partners. For design-specific enquiries and information, please visit our Design page.