Ports & Waterways


Projects delivered in Port and Marine environments represent our strongest heritage. Founded in Hull in 1989 our organisation served the infrastructure of the Humber estuary and soon realised opportunities to integrate multiple disciplines in these challenging environments. We have delivered coastal, estuarial and inland waterway construction services and our appreciation of the clients operational requirements and multi-modal transport systems have ensured quality of delivery for a quarter of a century.

The ability to design in-house and deliver on-site provides a solution which incorporates maximum buildability and minimal disruption at some of the most critical points of national infrastructure.

Capability to work in all marine environments

We have extensive experience with temporary work solutions and the delivery of marine piling and structures, working with pre-cast, steel and timber solutions.

By combining both our marine and structures capability, we bring added value to moving structures and can demonstrate a strong track record working with lock gates, barriers, bridges and impoundment structures. Our work has included the design and construction of the Torbay Harbour footbridge and impoundment scheme.

We have worked with some of UK’s largest operators of port infrastructure, delivering bespoke on-shore solutions for the transfer and storage of materials, together with RO-RO facilities and integrated ship-to-shore solutions. These include some of the UK’s largest storage buildings and operational rail-load silos.


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As a design-lead organisation, we provide support to both our own projects and our partners. For design-specific enquiries and information, please visit our Design page.