Internships and work experience


Our Internship programmes are aimed at offering Undergraduates looking to gain work experience to support their university studies. The pace is fast and the challenge is set high. Our Internship programmes will give you an intensive experience of life at the Spencer Group. You’ll pick up invaluable skills and experience along the way.

As an Intern at the Spencer Group you’ll have the opportunity to work on real projects with real responsibility, while benefiting from a wide support network of colleagues. Our aim is to help you build your strengths, gain skills that can be transferred to any workplace and stand out from the crowd. Our placements will appeal to self-motivated students with a proactive, can-do attitude and a genuine desire to learn about our business and the industry. Our Internships are offered with a view to you returning to the Spencer Group following graduation, providing you impress us and show us you have what it takes.
Middlesbrough-born Joe DiMauro joined the Spencer Group in the summer of 2012 as an Undergraduate Intern. Following the undertaking of a one year civil engineering Internship, in which Joe spent time working on live projects as well as learning more about how our business operates, Joe returned to Spencer in 2014 following his Graduation from University with a First Class Civil Engineering Degree as a Site Engineer. This is a perfect example of how we always offer Internship opportunities with the long-term picture in mind.

Work Experience

The Spencer Group Work Experience Programme offers students an opportunity to explore a specific business area and gain experience, as well as developing the key skills needed to excel in a professional environment.

Placements at the Spencer Group provide an understanding of what our business does, from feasibility of projects through to completion. Since 2012, over 50 students from Schools, Colleges and Universities have undertaken placements with the Spencer Group. These programmes give students the employability skills necessary when applying for jobs in the future; bridging the gap between classroom based learning and the world of work.

“Foot in the Door”

We firmly believe that work experience placements are an excellent way to get to know prospective new employees and we have welcomed many work experience students back to the Spencer Group following graduation from College or University.

We offer a range of work experience placements to suit the individual, ranging from five days to three months, designed to offer each student a relevant, professional and exciting opportunity.

Our work experience placements are flexible and start at different intervals throughout the year – watch this space for more information on work experience placements that are available.

Work Experience
A fantastic opportunity to explore a specific business area and gain experience, as well as develop the key skills needed to excel in a professional environment. You will:

  • Understand what our business does, from the start through to project completion;
  • Become more employable and gain a ‘foot-in-the-door’;
  • Enjoy a job that’s tailored to suit you.

Our Apprenticeships are geared towards giving you the chance to experience all aspects of our business, and to help you decide which route best suits you. You will:

  • Gain invaluable, hands-on experience;
  • Develop new skills whilst earning your own money;
  • Face real challenges and real responsibility.

Graduate Scheme
We’re keen to recruit creative graduates who thrive on challenges and pace, and who have a desire to take on a high level of responsibility from day 1. You will:

  • Have your own development programme to help you become a future business leader;
  • Work on live projects;
  • Receive close support from a network of professionals.